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Digital Marketing Course – Basic to Advance


Hay Friends today I am going to share with you a very powerful Digital Marketing Course – Basic to advance with you. In this course you can learn full basic to advance Digital Marketing.

First of all friends I want to tell you that who the hall I am. Friends I am MOHSIN GHUMMAN. I am CEO of and also CEO of MOHSIN GHUMMAN Digital Marketing Solutions. Which Provided You Different Services related to Digital Marketing.

Today’s First Lecture of our Digital Marketing Course and today I will tell you only basic things about Digital Marketing.


As you know that today we are going to start full Digital Marketing Course basic to advance. So first of all I will give you a small introduction about Digital Marketing.

Todays every person know about Digital Marketing because today Digital Marketing is playing a very important in our society. If you know some about marketing then you can clear you concept easily about Digital Marketing.

If you have a product and you want to tell people about your product then you can chose Different Digital Devices to do Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing helps you to promote your products, your Business, your website, your skills, etc.

Today Digital Marketing has become a very popular and powerful field of our life. If you want to earn a lot of money then you can chose Digital Marketing as profession.

I am also earning a lot of money by doing Digital Marketing jobs on different Platforms.

Currently I have started my Online 3C Blog service where I published Different content and Course about Digital Marketing and Blogging.

Branches of Digital Marketing

I will tell you about two branches to Digital Marketing because that’s website is about Blogging so I will tell you about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing).

·         SEO

Digital Marketing course - SEO

SEO stands for search Engine Optimization. By doing proper SEO you can rank your site into Different Search Engines as like:

About SEO I will tell you in another post.



SMO stands for Social Media Marketing. By using social media apps, websites and many others platforms we can promote our website, services, business, products and any other thing which we want to permute.

If you want to know more about social media market and if want to learn full social media market you can also read other posts about social media marketing from my site Online 3C Blog.

That’s was the firest post of my site so in this post you have get only introduction about Digital Marketing.

But if you want to learn full Digital Marketing Course You can read other posts from my website.

Thanks for reading.

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My Name is MOHSIN GHUMMAN and i am CEO of Online 3C Blog. I am a Digital Marketing Expert. I am working in the field of Digital Marketing and Blogging since 2014.

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