What is blog writing – Blogging for beginners | Online 3c Blog

Hay friends today I am going to telling you what is blogging – Blogging for Beginners | Online 3C Blog. Let’s go and know all about blogging.

What is blog writing – Blogging for beginners | Online 3c Blog
What is blog writing – Blogging for beginners | Online 3c Blog

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Kinds of Blogs

Blogging Platforms

How you can earn money from website?

Future plan


Friends first of all I will tell you what is a blog, blog is a kind of blog weblog. Where you can share your daily activities, your dreams, your ideas and many more. From a good blog you can also earn money. I am also earning money from my blogs.

Many people share content on blogs and earn money by Digital Marketing.

Blogging is also called an online diary. You can earn money from blogs by simply share your daily routines.

Many people used blogs to publish news, for products reviews, self-promotion and Discuss on trending topics.

Many people are working on his blogs and publishing content about people problems. I am also working on my this blog Online 3C Blog which is all about Digital Marketing and Blogging, I am also working in this blog to showing you different ways to Make Money From Home. To know how you can earn money at home by Digital Marketing and Blogging so please subscribe my blog to get daily updates.

Thanks a lot.

As you know that today I am going to show you what is blog writing – Blogging for beginners | Online 3c Blog.

So, Now I will show you all kinds of Blogs.

Kinds of Weblogs

There are many kinds of blogs but I will show you which are most popular and wonderful also and also you can chose these types of blog as your profession.

  • Fashion BlogsWhat is blog writing – Blogging for beginners | Online 3c Blog

Fashion blogs are the most popular and profit able kind of weblogs on the internet. You can chose this type of blogs.

But don’t share pornography content or any other kind of pornography content because I am a Muslim so that’s my right to tell you “Don’t spread Pornographic content and respect women Thanks”

  • Food Blogs
    What is blog writing – Blogging for beginners | Online 3c Blog
    What is blog writing – Blogging for beginners | Online 3c Blog

Food blogs are another most popular type of weblogs. By doing proper work on Food Blogs you can get good earnings.

You can generate good earnings from a Food Blogs by shearing tips and tricks to make tasty foods and you can also check food trending from Google Trends.

·       Health Blogs

What is blog writing – Blogging for beginners | Online 3c Blog
What is blog writing – Blogging for beginners | Online 3c Blog

Health blogs are also a very popular kind of weblog. You can earn Good money by working on Health Blogs. In health blogs you can reviews about different medicines and you can also share knowledge about different health problems of People.

Health Blog is a very profitable blog. It may be also a dangerous blog if you share a harmful content and after reading this people follow this tips and tricks. If you are a doctor or if you have a lot of knowledge about health then you can about health.

·       Travel Blogs


Now I am going to tell you about travel blog.

You can also earn money by shearing content on travel blog. Travel blog is also a popular kind of Weblogs.

That’s all are popular types of Weblogs so some other types of weblogs which you can chose for your blog and start work.

Some Other types of Weblogs:

  • Music Blogs
  • Lifestyle Blogs
  • Tech Blogs
  • Fitness Blogs
  • DIY Blogs
  • Sports Blogs
  • Finance Blogs
  • Political Blogs
  • Parenting Blogs
  • Business Blogs
  • Personal Blogs
  • Movie Blogs
  • Car Blogs
  • Animal Blogs (As like cat Pics, Animal Foods, Bird Pics and many more related animals)
  • News Blogs
  • Gaming Blogs

Special Note:

I cannot refer you that you can start work on any popular type of weblog because it have not any importance.

You can start work on any type of weblogs in which you have a lot of experience and you know you can work on this. Simply you can chose any type of weblog according your skill.

As like if you are a teacher you can create a blog on teaching according to your subject.


Blogging Platforms

There are many platforms to create blogs. But I will show you the most popular platforms.

I will show you To 4 Blogging Platforms

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Wix
  • Tumbler

That’s all are very popular blogging platforms. In details I will tell you in another post which is ready for publish.


How you can earn money from website or Blog

There are many ways to earn money from a blog but I will tell you the most popular ways to earn money from a blog.

  • Google AdSense
  • Infolinks
  • Popular Ads
  • Guest Posting
  • Local Advertisement

In details I will publish another post for you thanks.

Thanks for reading this and visiting my website.

Good Bye.

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